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February 05, 2018

Why the Arm Blaster Will Change Your Workouts Forever


Everyone knows that if you want huge results you have to put in the work. But, even if you’re a dedicated gym rat, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also work smarter. If you are looking for a way to safely get results faster from your lifting workouts you are going to love the Gymtopz Arm Blaster.


The Arm Blaster will give you huge biceps in just a fraction of the time it takes from using weights alone.


What is the Arm Blaster?


The Arm Blaster may not look like much, but this scientifically proven piece of equipment will change the way you workout forever.


The Arm Blaster is a durable, aluminum plate and neck strap that you wear when you are lifting. You wear the padded plate across your chest and under your arms.


The padded, ¼-inch thick aluminum plate is designed or maximum comfort while also increasing the effectiveness of every single arm motion during your lifting workout.


How Does It Work?


The Arm Blaster works by allowing you to fully isolate your biceps during your workout. You are able to more than double the effectiveness of a standard workout with this simple piece of equipment.


The Arm Blaster provides you with increased resistance as your arms push down against the pad and the high-performance bar works to isolate your biceps so that every single curl is working your biceps to the fullest.


All it takes is using the Arm Blaster one-time, and you will be converted. You can feel the difference each time you use your biceps.


Problems With Standard Workouts


The human body is a complex machine. The problem with standard workouts is that no matter how well they are designed, they cannot ever fully isolate a muscle group. When you are simply lifting, there is a lot of wasted movement and action.


All of that wasted movement means instead of al of your energy going to build your biceps, a large amount of energy is lost to other muscle groups.


What the Arm Blaster does is focus all of your energy into your biceps. By isolating your biceps, all of your lifting time and energy is used efficiently.



The end result is that your arms get bigger faster.


The Scientifically Proven Way to Get Faster Results


The Arm Blaster may not look like its the latest piece of workout technology, but it is backed by scientific research and years of careful design.


Scientists have long known that isolating a particular muscle group, such as your biceps, during a workout would make that group stronger, more powerful, and increase that muscle group’s endurance.


However, because of the size, shape, and location of the biceps, it had been a tough technical challenge to find a way to fully isolate them.


But, a crack team has solved this puzzle. This led to the development of the Arm Blaster.


Now you can have access to this incredible piece of technology for your own workouts.


The Arm Blaster is the Best Way to Build Huge Biceps


The data is clear. The Arm Blaster is the best way to get bigger biceps fast. Because the Arm Blaster is small and durable, you can take it anywhere with you. It doesn’t matter if you workout at home, at a gym, or if you are always traveling-you can always take your Arm Blaster with you.


While a sophisticated piece of equipment like the Arm Blaster may sound expensive, it retails for just $36. For a limited time, Gymtopz is running a special Arm Blaster promotion, offering this essential workout aid for just $28.


If you are serious about building huge biceps, you need to get and Arm Blaster right away.


Want to Build Huge Biceps Fast? You Need the Gymtopz Arm Blaster